2 February, 2017
Kramer and Babakov praise hard work of ETTU and TTFR
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President of TTFR Alexander Babakov in his opening ceremony speech mentioned everybody who was involved in putting together first-ever European Under 21 Championships.

“We are very proud that inaugural European Under 21 Championships was brought here, in Russia. Sochi is absolutely the right place to host such an event and we are thankful for opportunity to bring the best young players from all over the Europe here. The venue is magnificent and I am sure that athletes will enjoy it. The city has already proven, that it can organize big events at the highest level and I`m sure that this Championships will not be an exception. It is a very big step for the whole sport and table tennis in particular in our country. And it is my pleasure to already congratulate all participants at this tournament.”

ETTU President Ronald KRAMER also mentioned vital importance of the tournament for this particular age group and thanked TTFR for its tremendous effort.

“I want to thank the Russian Table Tennis Federation for taking up the glove and organising the very first European Under 21 Championships. All the organizing committee deserves great applause for their hard work. It is necessary to bridge the gap between seniors and juniors and necessary to take the step to introduce the Under 21 event,”