19 December, 2016
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Dear Table Tennis Friends!
We warmly welcome Participants, Guests and Media representatives to SOCHI – the Olympic City of Russia!
As it is said in the STAG 2017 European U21 Championships Prospectus, sent out by the ETTU, the Organizer offers TWO ways of payment for the U21 Tournament accreditation:
– Payment against Invoice by a money transfer (in ADVANCE);
– Payment by cash upon arrival in Sochi may be also possible, but PLEASE take into the consideration, that according to the Russian Law all cash payments in the Russian Federation are possible in the Russian currency only.
That is why for your convenience the Organizer is kindly asking all Tournament Participants and Guests to opt for payment against INVOICE IN ADVANCE to the Bank account. The Bank details are given in the Prospectus of the STAG 2017 European Under 21 Championships.
If you choose to pay by cash upon arrival please be prepared to exchange Euros to Rubles in any Bank Exchange Office of your choice prior to getting you Accreditation Card.

Thank you for understanding and
Welcome to SOCHI for TABLE TENNIS U21!